The challenges of steroids

Today turned out a bit tiring and exhausting. Not because I was physically busy, but just as yesterday Bianca asked for food almost every 5 seconds. So you just get busy with something then Bianca would ask "when can I eat?", "I'm hungry", "is it lunch time yet?" to which I would comment, "but Bianca, you've just eaten something" and she would reply "but I'm still hungry".

Several times today I listed everything that I could think of in the pantry that she might possibly be interested in and then each time she suggested "let's go look".

At around 12pm Bianca and I went to see Hotel for Dogs. It was a really cute movie and Bianca loved it, although I'm sure the popcorn and maltesers she had at the movie helped her enjoy the movie even more... Unfortunately after we got home Bianca became a little bit on the sad and emotional side to the point where she became pretty clingy tonight wanting somebody to sit next to her the whole time and lie down with her when it was time for bed. And then tonight Bianca also complained of tummy ache. Something she always seems to do when she is on steroids. Of course Caitlyn copies everything Bianca does and so when Bianca complained her tummy was sore, Caitlyn immediately said "sore tummy" and pointed to her own tummy.

And this my friends, was Day 3 of our 5 days of steroids for this month. Of all the drugs Bianca gets, this one is the one that often makes her feel sad, miserable and certainly the one that plays havoc with her appetite. On the upside though she was still willing to eat most of her supper and a small piece of banana. The other drugs have their side-effects too, but this one can be particularly challenging.

Lucky only 2 more days of steroids left for this month...


superrelish said...

Hang in there, only 2 more days of steroids this month.

Anonymous said...

Certainly sounds like a rather trying day.
Thank goodness just two more sleeps!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lea,
I hope that today goes a bit easier. Poor Bianca and poor you!
Take care,