Tears to start our weekend

Our weekend started with... going to hospital.

Bianca woke up in tears on Saturday morning complaining her hips were sore. So we phoned the hospital who advised us to bring us her in so a doctor could have a look. So off we went. Of course by the time we were settled in the one treatment room waiting for the doctor to finish his usual rounds and to come and see us, the pain wasn't so bad anymore. Eventually one of the doctors came by and had a look, watched Bianca walk up and down and basically indicated that there was no physical evidence that there was anything wrong that we had to worry about, but that it was likely the Vincristine (one of Bianca's chemo drug) that might have contributed to this. He requested a blood test just to check if there was any internal indication of anything to worry about and sent us home with the instruction that if Bianca suddenly developed a fever or more severe pain, we should take her straight back.

Thank goodness no further developments in the pain department and no fever and we got to spend a pretty relaxing weekend.

On Sunday we decided to go to Kiwi Valley which we understood is similar to Lindale Farm. Lindale Farm was absolutely one of our favourite places when we were still in Wellington and Bianca's been begging to go to a similar place again. So we found Kiwi Valley not too far from us. I have to say it wasn't exactly what we expected and so were quite disappointed as it was a bit expensive in comparison to Lindale Farm. It was a similar concept, but found their selection of animals the kids could feed quite small in comparison to what we were used to at Lindale Farm and there were some enclosures in the section where we could feed animals with big "do not feed" signs.

What was pretty cute though was that we could hold a few bunnies and baby guinea pigs even though neither kids wanted to actually hold the animals. Bianca was quite happy stroking them with them on my lap, but Caitlyn looked and then said "cared", "cared" - I guess for a little person a baby guinea pig or bunny might seem quite scary. For the money we paid I guess we expected way more and certainly I guess we expected it to be more like Lindale Farm. But anyway, we went, saw, but probably won't go very often.

Last night we quickly went to Parnell Pools and the kids had a great time. Of course I was hopeful we could just stay in the really warm side, but Caitlyn kept going to the cooler sides and then back at the warmer side. On the way back home Caitlyn was a bit fussy as it was just past her bedtime and she kept putting her foot (with shoe) into her mouth. When we said "Caitlyn no! Take your foot out of your mouth", Caitlyn got this mischievous smile and then said "tok-lit" (chocolate) "hmmm!"


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that the mad hospital dash landed up being not too serious and that you got to enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Amanda said...

Very happy to hear the pain in Bianca's hips was not serious!