There is hope...

For the past 3 days or so Bianca's been eating really well. It has been the first time in I-can't-even-remember that all 4 of us have actually eaten the exact same meal at the exact same time at the exact same table. And Bianca's been eating what I gave her, I didn't even have to keep nagging and begging just to give up after an hour. It has been amazing!

Now to most people this might not seem like a very big thing, but for so long now Bianca's appetite has just been really tricky and most of the time so selective that I have to typically make more than one kind of meal at a time. A long time ago we did meet with the dietician and it was sort of either we keep at it and push her to eat what we eat and if she chooses not to eat, well then so be it, or we could punish her for not eating, or we could just go with the flow and fit in with what she will eat and have our healthy ProNutro as a backup. So along with the dietician we decided to become flexible and fit in with her selective appetite and on particularly challenging days just give her pronutro (which does have a good range of vitamins, minerals and even iron and protein). We certainly did not want her to start hating food all because the chemo and steroids messed up her appetite.

So I'm guessing this is either a late onset of steroid-induced appetite or just that she has not been on oral chemo since 22 December. I'm almost feeling that this is as a result of no oral chemo which means that there certainly is hope when we finish our treatment in September.

Tomorrow morning we get back to reality as Terence is due back at work after the Christmas break and Bianca and I will be due at the hospital tomorrow morning for another blood test and meeting with the doctor and that means setting the alarm and waking up early. Tomorrow I will also have Caitlyn with me and I will have to see how that goes. I don't usually take her with me to these clinic appointments, but unfortunately this appointment is outside the time that Caitlyn would go to daycare every week.

We'll update again after our clinic appointment.


Anonymous said...

It would seem that tomorrow is back to life back to reality for a lot of us.
I hope all goes well tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lea,
Peter always eats a lot better when he gets a break from chemo. On daily chemo he has very little appetite, and the steroids have never done anything to help.
I think that when treatment finally ends, our kids will probably be eating up a storm.
Good luck with you appointment today.

superrelish said...

Good luck today, I hope the results let you all enjoy some more 'normal' time outdoors and having fun.