Med-cine? Awe betta!

Caitlyn is really at a cute stage now (of course when she is not pushing the boundaries) and she copies most of what Bianca does, so we have to keep reminding Bianca that she needs to set a good example. If Bianca complains that she is cold, then Caitlyn immediately responds by "hugging" herself and saying "coooollld", when Bianca complains of a sore tummy then of course Caitlyn responds with a "saw tummy" and today Caitlyn walked around with a rubber glove on one hand (as she would have seen Terence doing many a night when it is time for Bianca's medicines) and she walked up to me saying "med-cine", I pretended to swallow the imaginary tablet she was holding out to me and she then said "awe betta" (if only real life was that simple...). I then asked her where Bianca's medicine was because she didn't offer any imaginary medicine to Bianca and she immediately pointed to the cupboard where we are keeping Bianca's medicines. Caitlyn is also a very polite little girl - "Caitlyn can I get a hug?" "no sanx", "what about a kiss?" "no sanx", "can I tickle your tummy?" "no sanx".

And so we reach the end of steroid week. And we're almost breathing a sigh of relief - we made it this week without the sadness and the grumpiness and whilst the constant requests for food could easily drive me mad (I mean Bianca was asking to have wild boar for lunch at 7 this morning), I would far rather have this than dealing with sadness. So all in all, this was a great week for us. I'm not sure what was different this month around, but we are definitely not complaining. So to celebrate Terence and Bianca went to the Parnell Pools this evening for a swim - Bianca had a great time!

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