Little bookworms

Things are still trotting along, Bianca seems more willing to actually try a few other things at meal times. Still selective and I guess it is just a matter of waiting until we are done with chemo. She's pretty happy today, just wishing that school would start and she keeps asking how much longer she has to be on holiday. We have our next clinic appointment on the 19th and it will be interesting to see what her blood levels are doing after she started chemo again.

This morning Bianca and I watched our little caterpillars. Well, Tiger is actually not that little anymore and you can actually see them growing bigger every day. I guess that's what happens when you keep munching on leaves. The smallest of our caterpillars was so small when we got it, it had no visible stripes like the other bigger ones. Bianca looked at her (it is a girl according to Bianca) and said "she earned her stripes".

Both our girls love to read. Well Caitlyn can't actually read yet, but she loves looking at the pictures in the various books we have and she's always held the book the right way round, not upside-down like a lot of babies do.

Bianca loves reading too and especially now that she is actually able to read these books all by herself. She often reads without pointing to the words and I guess since she's learned to read it is like a whole new world opened up for her. Last night was no different to any other for Bianca. After her chemo, it was bath-time, then it was story time and she chose a story that I had to read to her and then she read me a short story and then it was good night and lights out. After a while I went upstairs and heard something from Bianca's room. There she was sort of sitting forward covering something with her body (obviously trying to hide it) and she had switched on her little reading lamp (one of those tiny ones you can clip to a book or a desk or something):

Me: "Bianca what are you doing?"

Bianca: Grinning towards me.

Me: Noticing the book she was trying to hide, "you can't read now Bianca"

Bianca: "I can, I have a lamp"

Me: "Well, yes you can read with the lamp, but not now, it is too late, it is bed time"

And so she was a bit disappointed, but put the book back and switched off the little lamp and then she finally fell asleep. We promised her that she could go to bed a little bit earlier and then read to herself again tonight.


Anonymous said...

I think its fantastic that they love to read, it will surely help with their education later on!

Amanda said...

It will be so good when she's finally done with chemo, it's a very difficult treatment, I couldn't carry on with my chemo, it was just too hard. I take my hat off Bianca, she's amazingly strong!