Bianca taking a trip down memory lane...

Tonight after I got Caitlyn from daycare we came home to give her supper. Caitlyn is a really good eater, but she was a bit fussy and so Bianca had the following to share with her:

"Caitlyn, did you know when I was 3 or 4 years old I had 4 nose tubes and it's not nice. They put it through your nose, through your throat and into your tummy and then you don't have to eat. It eats for you"

(photo taken 23 August 2007)

Today was Day 2 of steroids for this month and every 2 minutes Bianca would say "I'm hungry", "when can I eat again", "can I have lunch?" and "I'm hungry" all over again. And whilst it is quite challenging to keep up with Bianca's appetite and cravings, I have to say that Bianca was in the best mood ever today. She's been energetic, excited, happy and I can certainly deal with the hunger anyday as long as she is in a happy mood. Only 3 more days for this month. I remain hopeful!!!

PS. she is still eating bananas and tried 5 raisins today. Can't say it is her favourite, but she was at least willing to try and we'll keep at it this week. I think we found a strategy that works!

And I forgot to add - Terence and I tried 5 raisins each too tonight (with Bianca as witness). I really don't like raisins, but a promise is a promise after all...


superrelish said...

5 raisins for Bianca, how many for you?

Anonymous said...

How very grown up of her to share her experience like that.
And well done to all of you on the raisins.
I love them, you tried steaming them? They get all fat and juicy and delicious!

Anonymous said...

I would have to agree with the raisins part (not my favorite).

In one of you previous posts you had mentioned how this disease forces kids to mature so quickly, I see what you mean.

She is such a sweet and caring little girl. She is still in our constant prayers.