Head over heals in love

Today Bianca lost her heart, she fell in love. Head over heels in love with this:

This afternoon we went to the one shopping center and there was a pet store, so we went in just to have a look. It is a really good pet store, well run, good quality and the animals are well cared for.

Bianca fell in love with a puppy (similar to the one in the picture which is a Pappilon puppy) the moment she saw it, she briefly looked at the rabbits, the mice and the rats, the frogs and turtles, but she kept coming back to this little puppy. She was lucky because one of the shop attendants took the puppy out for a short little bit and Bianca was able to touch it. It also licked her hand at one point and she giggled so much. She then told Terence "I just love this puppy". I think if we could take it home today it would surely be a dream come true for Bianca, but unfortunately we live in a rental home with a strict "no pets" policy and we assured her that when we're eventually able to buy our own home we could certainly look at getting a puppy.

But back to reality...

I don't know what they did at Camp Quality, but Bianca's eating has been so much better. She is more willing to eat what I offer (and eat it all) (although I know she is still selective) and because she saw first-hand that Caitlyn copies what she does I think I may have convinced her that it is important to set a good example with her eating. Last week we told Bianca we are happy she eats grapes and apples and raw carrots, but that that is not enough and that she is in charge of her body and has to teach her body to start liking new and different things. So we convinced her that she gets to choose a new fruit or vegetable and she needs to try it that whole week (and the rest of us would eat what she chooses) and so this week she chose banana and she's actually been trying it, the whole week and whilst she may not be overly fond of it, she's done so without complaint. I think she has chosen raisins for next week (which will be interesting because neither Terence nor I actually like raisins, but a promise is a promise...)

Bianca is in a great mood at the moment (which is good because next week is steroid week again). Bianca has a few bruises at the moment and I wonder if they are "playing" bruises or "low platelet" bruises, so I'm keeping an eye on her for the moment.

Bianca is so excited about school and she can hardly wait. She keeps asking me every single day when school is starting again and I keep saying "a few more weeks" and she keeps saying "aaaaw". I think if she could go tomorrow she would.


superrelish said...

Great news all around. Good luck with the raisins - I don't eat them either!

Chatabox Girl said...

Argh rasins are yucky!!

An idea... If she doesnt like bananas so much, what about making a banana cake, or banana bread? (is there a difference... dont know)

This could show her that you can make yukie foods into nice foods by using your imagination, or some more ingredients.

And besides... who doesnt like baking! especially licking the bowl out at the end :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE rainsins and could never understand what there isn't too like! :-)

Jaimie said...

Cuteeee puppy! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Lea,
For a second there, I thought you were getting a dog. Those Papillions sure are cute.
That is a great idea about the food. Pete has an extremely limited diet and eats the same 5 things in different combinations at each meal. We may start doing the same thing and introduce a new food each week too. What a clever idea.
I hope your caterpillars are growing well. Don't do what I did and spray flyspray anywhere near the plants, as it is fatal to the caterpillars.
Have a great day,

Amanda said...

Hope the raisins go well! My youngest also doesn't like them, he calls them dead flies! You have such good ideas to get Bianca to eat!

Lauren Beets said...

Lea, what a beautiful girl you have. I just love the puppy idea, it would be great if you could get one in the near future.
I hope the steroid week goes well. I know that Christopher gets extremely moody on the steroids and I just about pull my hair out.
She is such a brave young lady. It just amazes me to see how our cancer kiddies shine so much brighter even while going through so much! What a testimony for most adults.
Hope to read another update soon.
Lauren Beets
South Africa
Mom to Christopher www.carepages.com/carepages/christopherslighthouse

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling of having your child long for a pet. We also live on rental property and can not have a dog. :(

I'm so glad she is doing well and is excited about starting school.

:) Have a lovely weekend

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling of having your child long for a pet. We also live on rental property and can not have a dog. :(

I'm so glad she is doing well and is excited about starting school.

:) Have a lovely weekend

Anonymous said...

oops, silly me, I posted twice...

oh well, have a "doublely" lovely weekend :)