I am absolutely shocked...

that we are already in the middle of January. Another 2 weeks and Bianca will be in Year 1 (for those of you not from New Zealand, the first term at school will be starting beginning February for most schools). I cannot believe how fast time flies.

This week was great. Bianca was in a really happy mood. Even her eating has been brilliant. Maybe the break in her chemo was all she needed to get back on track with her eating, or maybe the hours I spent trying to explain to Bianca why eating properly is important is finally making sense to her, or maybe she is starting to see that Caitlyn copies what she does and therefore eating properly is important, or maybe it is just a good week before we start steroids again and that once steroids start again her appetite will go back to how it has been before.

Either way, we had a great week and we appreciate it and it fills us with hope that once treatment finishes we will get back to normal.

This week she chose to try banana. We ended the week with her happily eating a piece of banana and with her agreeing that I can pack banana for school (click here for Bianca's comment on Bananas). That in itself is a breakthrough as far as I am concerned. Just that she was willing to try something she wouldn't normally eat. And on top of that, she's been eating most of what we've been eating for supper. She's had salmon this week (okay, she actually does like salmon which we call pink fish), she's even eaten the rice I dished up for her, she's eaten the pieces of chicken I put on her plate, she's eaten spaghetti bolognaise (even the mince part of it) and so on. And we didn't have to beg her and nag her like we normally have to if we try and get her to eat normal food.

But of course tomorrow we start steroids again and that might just change everything and shift it back to how it's been for us. Steroids are known to change the taste of food and it can give cravings or sometimes actually put Bianca off food completely, so we'll just have to wait and see how it will be this coming week.


Anonymous said...

I love the YouTube clip! Glad to hear you've all had such a great week,I know there is a tough week ahead, but I'm really praying its also going to be a good one!
All the best for tomorrow!

navasha said...

Lovely to hear shes eating and doing so well. We will be holding thumbs that the steroids dont change much.

Michelle said...

Hello Lea, Thank you soo much for writing on Mia's web page it is great to share a story with people who can feel wat you are going through... It adds so much weight to the words! I have been emotionally cruising through Bianca's YouTube videos tonight. It is very hard for me to see some of the things that we still have ahead of us, But fantastically uplifting to see " I Like Bananas ". I hope Bianca enjoys school in her new year group, she looks like she would take it all in her stride. Keep strong and know that we share the steroid rollercoaster with you XXXXX Michelle and all in the UK XX

puppygirl said...

Hi Bianca,

We love Bananas too but we can't eat a whole banana in our house as Summer and Merlin love them so much we have to share with them too :o)