Monthly clinic visit

So today ended up being a long day for Terence. In the end we decided that he would take Bianca to hospital for her monthly appointment as Caitlyn was busy napping and even though the family room at the hospital is an option, they are only open until 3:30pm and there would be no way we would have been done by then which would have meant trying to occupy a busy almost 2 year old in a busy area for the remainder of the time. Turned out to be a good decision that I stayed home with Caitlyn because Terence and Bianca finally left the hospital shortly after 6pm.

From what I understand everything went pretty well. Bianca got her usual vincristine and IVIG. She remains on 50% chemo dose as her platelets are a little lower than at the last visit and are sitting at 83. It is not too low and we have to wait for it to recover before increasing chemo again. So we'll have another clinic appointment in 2 weeks to check blood levels again.

Bianca started steroids this morning and so far so good, she still seems happy enough. 4 More days... Lucky it is still school holidays so we can keep things low-key this week and if need be then she'll be able to take long afternoon naps if need be.

And this afternoon Terence confirmed with Bianca's oncologist what her very last day of treatment will be and he confirmed (as we thought) that it will be 11 September 2009. So only another 7 months, 3 weeks and 2 days (not that we are counting...) and then we'll hopefully be able to put a total of 831 days of active treatment behind us. It is great to have that final date to work towards, but of course as always we'll just focus on now and continue taking each day as it comes.


Amanda said...

That is just awesome news!

Anonymous said...

I'll be counting down the days!

superrelish said...

Great news and congratulations on the chrysalis!