Weird steroid cravings

Tonight Bianca was watching Asterix with Terence and of course Asterix eats wild boar - all the time. So Bianca sat there and then asked for some wild boar, to which we replied that we didn't have wild boar in the house, and Bianca asked "can we get some wild boar?". And we told her that we couldn't go out to find wild boar as it was late already but certainly this weekend we could go to the shop and get some pork which is the same as boar. "Does it taste the same?" And we assured her it would taste just like the wild boar they have in Asterix. She finally settled for some M&Ms and oats, even though she kept trying her luck hoping Terence would go out to find her some wild boar.

Let's face it you can't really reason with kids when they are on steroids.

Speaking of steroids and their side-effects, today was definitely a really good day. After last night I sort of thought we were heading towards the usual feeling sad and grumpy, but Bianca was in an excellent mood today. Yes it is fairly frustrating to have to deal with requests for food every 5 minutes or so, but I would far rather have that than dealing with crying and grumpiness.

Earlier today we did some baking. Usually this is a Bianca kind of activity, but today I thought I would include Caitlyn too. She was quite excited and kept trying to taste the sugar, taste the butter, taste the baking soda (which thankfully she hasn't quite mastered the art of opening a container as yet), and of course the mini M&Ms - not many of Caitlyn's allocation made it to her biscuits and instead took a detour to her mouth... She lost interest when she wanted a biscuit and I told her that they would have to be baked first and so she watched Winnie-the-Pooh while Bianca and I finished the biscuits. It was good fun, but Bianca doesn't seem much in the mood to actually eat the biscuits and so Terence will probably take most of it to work tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Happy to see smiles all around. Wild boar, eh? That's one I have not heard yet.

Anonymous said...

Yummy looking biscuits! And very prettily decorated.


superrelish said...

Those biscuits look delicious. Perhaps we will do some baking here today - if it doesn't get to hot or the kids don't maim themselves prior!

Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone had fun and those biscuits look delish!