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When we met Michelle at Nature Discoveries today she mentioned that she is involved with Camp Quality. She mentioned that this is a camp for children from 5 years old. So I came home and looked it up on the internet.

This is something special for children with cancer and I do feel quite excited that at some point Bianca will have the opportunity to do something that is fun, exciting and carefree. For most of it children with cancer live their lives in isolation to some extent. And even though Bianca is only 4 she is so aware of her levels and always concerned whether other people may be sick or not. When we go to the shop she will always ask "can I come with you or do I need to wait in the car?" Of course we'll need to see when she is emotionally ready to go away on her own. But wow, this will be such a big adventure for her.

As far as I can see, it is run entirely by volunteers who get no payment for their efforts. Of course from what I have read there are at least 2 paediatric oncology trained staff present at these camps. So this opportunity can only be made possible with donations.

Basically something like this is Bianca's only opportunity to have a holiday for as long as she is sick. Something that is different from the daily routine and the isolation. It is something that might help her forget about being sick for a few days. And an opportunity to mix with children who walk the same journey as she does. I am so excited for her, I can hardly wait!

There will be a national fundraising week 14-21 April 2008. I won't have details until they release it, but if you know of anybody who might be interested to contribute towards this initiative or to become involved in some way or another, please pass on the information to them. You can also email info@campqualitynz.org.nz if you wanted more information.

I just wanted to say thank you to everybody making something like this possible for children like Bianca. The support really means a lot to us!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lea,
Thats great that Bianca has reached maintence, fingers crossed she settles on treatment quickly. Laura went to camp quality this year and loved it. Emily and Samuel(siblings) also got to go. They all have a companion who is aged 18 or over and they just help make things easier for the kids. My children adored the camp and I agree we are lucky to have special things our kids can do through the generousity of others. It is so nice to see Laura happy and carefree. Take care Love Hannah.
Hugs from Laura to Bianca.