Locum starting soon!

We have a locum starting really soon - in the next few weeks. He will be with us for 6 months. I understand he is highly experienced and from the UK. He will work closely with the other oncologists from Christchurch until they managed to recruit the permanent oncologists.

Today was a nice day. This morning during Caitlyn's nap Bianca and I did some learning activities. We always try and use this time for an activity that Bianca would find interesting, stimulating and challenging. She's been earning some pocket money lately. More just for fun than anything else. Yesterday morning when Terence and I woke up Bianca was in Caitlyn' s room. She heard Caitlyn when she woke up and then kept her amused. So of course she felt very important doing "babysitting". So she "earned" $2.00. So now when we do the learning activity, we use this opportunity to write down what she did and how much she earned. And then she keeps the coins in a little container. She enjoys writing letters and this gives her something interesting to write.

This afternoon Bianca, Caitlyn and I went to the park. I was a bit restricted in playing with Bianca because I still had to look after Caitlyn and of course not everything was suitable for a 10 month old. But it was lots of fun.

So we need to be back at the hospital this coming Wednesday for a blood test and then providing counts are fine we are due to start Maintenance on the Friday. It feels quite unreal to be at this point now. Way back in June when we were diagnosed, it was this point that I desperately wanted to reach. It certainly felt much closer than the end of treatment which will only happen sometime late next year. Wow, another unreal - we can now talk about finishing "next year" as opposed to "in 2 years time".

Caitlyn had a funny new game in the bath tonight. We gave one of the old syringes to the kids to play with in the bath. So Caitlyn took the outside bit and she blew through the one end and of course it made a sound, she was very proud of herself and smiled and clapped her hands. So then she offered it to Daddy to try. Then she proceeded to try all her other bath toys to see if they would make the same sound, which of course they did not, so quite amusing to watch.

Medicines today:
  • Fluconozole - 10 ml at night

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