Today was a rainy day. It rained the whole day. And with Bianca's low levels we can't go to any indoor crowded places, so we spent the day at home. The rain is quite welcome because there are dry patches on our grass and this saves me having to water them.

When I suggested to Bianca that she could put on her gum boots and her rain coat and walk in the rain, her whole face lit up. So Sanna turned this into a treasure hunt. Bianca got a letter from the fairies saying that the pirates stole some of their treasure and that they really needed her help. She then went with Sanna to go and find the treasure. Bianca had lots and lots of fun.

Then after Bianca's rest, Bianca went to the movies. Okay, okay, so it was something Sanna set up in the play room. Sanna made some tickets with different movies written on it as well as some snack options. Bianca had a choice of carrots, tomatoes and popcorn (guess which one she chose...). Bianca chose to watch Mary Poppins and then she had to use the coins Sanna made for her to pay for it. Bianca felt quite important.

Overall it was quite a nice day.

Medicines today:
  • Co-trimoxazole (6.25ml twice a day)
  • Fluconozole - 10 ml at night

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