We are on our way!!!

Tomorrow is the day!!! Tomorrow chemo starts again and it will be our very first day of the Maintenance phase. So until Bianca is all done with treatment we will run our lives according to a schedule stuck on the kitchen door where we can tick off as things happen. This will be our plan until more or less September 2009.

It is going to be a long day for us and we need to be at the hospital at 8:30 already. Terence will take time off tomorrow so that he can look after Caitlyn. There is just no way that I would be able to take her along with me. From here on they will adjust the dosages according to Bianca's levels and they will try and keep her neutrophils somewhere between 1 and 2. It is important that the neutrophils don't go too high and don't go too low.

Tomorrow we have quite a few things happening including going into theatre. So nothing to eat or drink until after theater is done. Usually I don't eat anything also because it wouldn't be very fair if I could eat and Bianca couldn't. Thank goodness she hasn't started the Dexamethasone yet because it would make her extra hungry. During theatre she will get a lumbar puncture with some Methotrexate injected into her spine. This will be done under GA. Usually she has no problems with this procedure so I don't foresee any problems.

Bianca had the best time ever today. Tonight was late night shopping and so we took Bianca to the shops at approximately 6pm. It was nice and quiet and we wanted to give Bianca a chance to buy something with her pocket money. Something that would be a "normal experience" and not so "isolated". We went to Bianca's favourite shop "Nature Discoveries" and this is the shop that she absolutely loves going to every single time. So we went there. Well, let me tell you she went hyper. She fluttered from one thing to another "come look here Daddy". "See this Daddy". And then she had the important job of deciding what she would buy for herself. We met a lady named Michelle at this shop. She follows our blog regularly (wow, thank you for following our story) and she is also involved with Camp Quality. Michelle, thank you so much for the little fridge magnet toy. Bianca really likes it and when we got home she immediately stuck it to the fridge. You really made her day! At the end of the shopping trip, she proudly declared: "I paid for it myself!"

Thought I'd share a few photos.

Bianca really likes helping out in the kitchen. Here she is helping me make blueberry pancakes:

When we went to the park the other day, Caitlyn really enjoyed being on the swing:

The other evening Daddy and Bianca made a tent in the play room and they "camped" out for the evening. Bianca had her little torch to chase away any possible wolves that may come around...

The day after when we walked past Bianca's room, we saw her sleeping with her feet inside her pillow case. She must have pretended it was a sleeping bag:

Now one day it was warm enough to swim in our inflatable pool. Bianca and Daddy discovered a ladybug and Bianca even let it crawl on her hand:

Medicines today:
  • Co-trimoxazole - 6.25ml twice a day

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