On track so far

Got the unofficial blood test results:

  • Haemoglobin 135
  • Platelets 203
  • White Cell Count 2.94
  • Neutrophils 0.87

Jo will confirm tomorrow, but so far we look like we are on track to start Maintenance on Friday. Her Neutrophils went down from the last one, but once Bianca starts Maintenance they will keep adjusting the dosages of the different oral chemo medicines to try and keep her neutrophils between 1 and 2. So sometimes she will get 100% dose, sometimes more than 100%, sometimes less and if her counts are way too low, then they will hold off on the oral chemo to give counts a chance to recover. So a whole new learning experience for us.

Jo also told us that we need to stop the Fluconozole as it is only really needed during intense treatment. But now that Bianca is done with the intense bit, no need to carry on with this one. So one less medicine. Of course we won't really feel the difference that much as Bianca is still getting co-trimoxazole today and tomorrow and then Friday we will probably start with the next phase and then chemo every single day going forward.

Caitlyn also had her Plunket visit today. She is doing really well and is on track. She weighs 11.70kg and height is 78cm. We are also entering a whole new phase with Caitlyn. Now that she is almost a year there is a whole new world as far as food is concerned and as soon as we finished the current tin of formula we are then able to move onto normal milk. And of course we have a birthday party to start planning...

Medicines today:
  • Co-trimoxazole - 6.25ml twice a day

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Anonymous said...

Hi everybody!
Trees is working more than well, and yesterday we reached Queenstown. The weathers been great except last night where it kept on raining and raining, but when we woke up this morning the sky was all bright and blue. Wonderful! So we've been browsing around Queenstown today, and we'll probably be driving off to Christchurch to night.
Hope everything's fine with you back home. It makes me so glad that you might be able to reach maintenance on friday. Finally!
Give Bianca and Caitlyn a big hug from me. Miss you all!
Take care of eachother and see you on monday!