Meeting new people

Yesterday we met another couple and their 2 sons in passing. They came from South Africa to New Zealand approximately 2 weeks ago. And their son had a type of cancer 4 years ago (unfortunately I can't remember what type they said it was). So we have a bit in common. We got chatting and today we invited them to come and visit. Bianca just had the best time ever playing with the other kids and it was good to see her smiling and just being carefree like that. It is so hard when her counts are way too low and lucky now with the summer, there are less chance of people being sick and of course with her so nearly on maintenance we have some sense of normality again.

Sanna is also currently on leave so it will be quite tough this week looking after both kids, doing hospital visits and try and do things around the house. But Sanna really deserves this break and we owe her quite a bit of time off at the moment. But yes, she will certainly be missed a lot this week.

So this week we need to be at the hospital on Wednesday for blood test and then if counts are high enough on Friday we will start Maintenance. And if so then Friday will be a very busy day indeed.

Medicines today:
  • Fluconozole - 10 ml at night


Anonymous said...

I have a question. Have you asked if it's possible to meake the blood tests at home. If it's possible for a nurse to come to you. Then Bianca and you can wait for he results and i necessary then go to the hospital.

Regards from Lee

Anonymous said...

Hey, thought I'd leave a short note.
Had no idea that you guys have had so much to deal with. My heart goes out to your family. Keep up the high spirits and remember there're plenty people on this side thinking of you.
My one mate just got back from NZ and said it was breathtakingly beautiful.

Lea White said...

Hi Lee, Good suggestion thank you.

We have another hospital close to us where we can go and see the district nurse, but Bianca really enjoys going to the nurses at the Wellington Hospital and they offer distraction there which if it was done at home she wouldn't have.

They have never suggested doing it at home, so I think they prefer doing the blood tests at the hospital.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lee

After reading your blog, i would just like say...wow...May God bless you and your family, and keep you and your family safe...always.

We take so many things for granted, complain about the most pettied things, yet reading your story, our problems seem like nothing compare to yours.

Keep strong and God Bless