Quite a busy day

Tonight Bianca was playing with a pretend fishing rod. She took something, tied some string to it, put some bits and pieces at the bottom of the string and then proudly declared "I have a fishing rod with bait". Terence then asked "did you put the bait on yourself?" and she then said "no Daddy, I'm put it on the fishing rod!".

This morning Bianca and I went to the Child Cancer Foundation offices in the city. Marg prepared some documents and information for me that might come in handy for the meeting tomorrow with the school. The CCF office is right by the hospital and so I took along some bits and pieces to give to Kate, the play specialist. She is always looking for things to do with the kids on Ward 18 and so I always keep an eye out for something that might come in handy.

Kate is always looking for craft type of activities, art supplies, toys that are easy to clean (so no soft toys), Playstation 2 games and DVDs (all zone 4), books, puzzles and board games and basically she needs to entertain kids up to 15 years of age. So if you are cleaning out those closets or you have the odd unwanted present lying around the house (or if you want to strategically misplace that noisy toy that drives you insane), please consider donating it to the hospital. Kate and her activities have always been a huge lifesaver to us when Bianca is in hospital and we run out of ideas of what to do with Bianca. Kate is also looking to have dedicated activities / toys just for the oncology kids.

Today Bianca got a special bead because we felt it was such a huge achievement that she learned to swallow tablets. Since she learned, it has just become so easy to give her her tablets.

I also had an interview for a possible exciting job opportunity and another that might happen soon as well. I do feel quite excited that I may have the opportunity to go back to work again.

Tomorrow morning is our interview with the school. Bianca is quite excited and she wants to take an apple for the teacher. My little girl sure is growing up fast!

Caitlyn is still as busy as ever. Today Sanna blocked off the kitchen (it is all part of an open plan living area) and as soon as Caitlyn realised she couldn't go into the kitchen she had a bit of a temper tantrum. Not even 1 yet and we are already having some mild "terrible twos" :-). She loves waving and when we feed her meals, we always give her her own spoon and then she will proudly dump it into the food and then attempt to feed us.

Sanna had quite an adventure yesterday when she took both kids to the beach. She had to keep an eye on Bianca playing as well as an eye on Caitlyn who tried to eat the sand, drink the water, eat the shells. Then on the way back to the car, Sanna was carrying Caitlyn, had the bag on her back and held Bianca's hand. Next moment a bee came buzzing around Bianca's head and of course Bianca freaked out. So there was Sanna, trying to hold onto Caitlyn, bag on the back and Bianca running around Sanna screaming. So Sanna had to explain very nicely that the best way to deal with a bee is just to stand still. I think next time Sanna won't take both kids on her own to the beach :-).

Medicines today:
  • Mercaptopurine - 1.5 tablets a night
  • Co-trimoxazole - 6.25ml twice a day


Anonymous said...

Hi Lea,
Wow, you guys sure are having an exciting time with you maybe getting a new job and Bianca starting school.
It's so great that Bianca is doing so well. School is starting just at the right time for her.
Thanks so much for all your suportive comments on Pete's website. It really helps. I am feeling so much better today knowing that Pete is not as sick. He still retches a lot when you feed him, but is just managing to keep it down as long as you don't give him much. Hopefully we will manage to avoid the NG tube if I can get his weight up by tomorrow.
My mother lives in Mexico and my sister in the US. The 2 relatives who really care, which is a shame. The ones here don't give a toss really.
Re the mercaptopurine, I think they will have to make him start taking it again. If that is the case, I will be thinking seriously about if it is worth it or not.
Hopefully they will have some ideas.
Have a great day,

Greg and Joy Ryan said...

I look forward to the day James swallows his medicine! I have been keeping up and I am so glad she is doing so well!

Joy Ryan

Anonymous said...

Hi, Bianca.

I surfed into your site to add my Get Well Wishes to those of so many other folks who hope that You Feel Better Real Soon!

And please know that You and the whole White Family are being showered with lots of “Positivity” and Love from this little corner of Southeastern Pennsylvania, in the United States.

There are “cyber-cheerleaders” beside you Every Single Step of the Way.

Prayers, Hugs, and Best Wishes, Susan