A fun weekend despite low levels

This weekend we were lucky that the weather was pretty good. During the week it was quite windy, so not ideal outside weather. Yesterday the weather was wonderful, but today it was overcast again.

So yesterday we made the most of the weather and decided to go and do something fun outdoors. We can't really go anywhere where there are lots of people or to some of the busy indoors places such as shopping centres. Bianca's levels are quite low at the moment, so we have to minimise the risks.

We decided to go to Staglands which is a great place with lots of different animals and birds that you can feed. On the way there we went to The Blueberry Farm where you can pick your own blueberries. Bianca fell asleep on the way there and so we woke her up and at first she wasn't too happy. But then she soon got into it. It was a little bit of a walk to where you can pick the blueberries. And Bianca and I each had a bucket to put all our berries in which you then take back for them to weigh. Then back in the car Bianca even tried a berry and decided that she wasn't too fond of it.

Then we went to Staglands. Another tranquil place that is quiet and peaceful. Bianca liked feeding the bunnies and we even saw a little fawn. He was gorgeous. Bianca also had great fun feeding the ducks and throwing an apple to one of the pigs. I think Bianca really enjoyed it. Of course our constant companion has become antibacterial alcohol gel which we used on Bianca and our hands so much to make sure that she wouldn't pick up any bugs.

Today was overcast so not great to go anywhere outdoors. And with Bianca's low counts we can't take her to the shops or indoor play areas and the indoor swimming pools are a big big NO! So we just spent the day at home. At one point Bianca and Sanna watched "Fly Away Home" and there was one bit where the Dad went to a meeting and Bianca wanted to know if the little girl went along as well and Sanna said "no, the little girl didn't" and Bianca then asked "is it because her neutrophils were too low?"

Tomorrow morning Bianca and I need to go to the hospital for a blood test and possibly a transfusion or two. She looks pretty pale and has some bruises, so I will prepare for a long day. Bianca told her dad "I'll take my toothbrush just in case I need to sleep at the hospital".

In a way it feels really comforting knowing that Bianca understands a bit about her illness. She certainly doesn't ever get cross if we said that she couldn't go somewhere because of her low levels. But sometimes I do feel a glimpse of sadness that she is only 4 and has to deal with the harsh realities of being sick. But then I look at her and how she just takes it all in her stride, how she keeps finding the fun in everyday. We are really so blessed with all the lessons she teaches us every single day.

So we savour every moment, and we laugh and we find things to be silly about. And one day I don't want Bianca to regret a single moment of this journey, but I want her to look back and feel proud of what she was able to achieve every single day.

Medicines today:
  • Fluconozole - 10 ml at night

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