A change to our blog

There are so many online stories that I have discovered through my various searches on the internet and through the various blogs that are out there. When you first get the diagnosis you feel so incredibly alone.

I remember with us that before Bianca got sick I did not even personally know a single other person who had leukemia. I did not know that there were different types of leukemia and cancers like neuroblastoma was completely foreign to me.

Then you start reading some of the other blogs and journals out there and you discover their stories as well as others who leave the links to their sites in the comments or guest book sections of these blogs.

So I have now put all these links that I found (where people posted the links to their own sites in the comments or guest book of the various blogs and journals) in a site where I am able to put more detail such as the definitions of some of these illnesses and sort it by illness. I find it comforting knowing that I am not walking alone, although I am sad for each and every one of these people who are fighting their challenging battles each and every day. They are all a huge inspiration to us every single day!

You will find the link on the right hand side towards the bottom. Please also keep these people in your prayers and thoughts!

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