Next project: Growing a popcorn tree

Last night Terence and I went out and Sanna (and Bianca) babysat Caitlyn. Sanna and Bianca watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and an hour after Bianca took her oral chemo Sanna made some popcorn for Bianca (the chemo Bianca takes every single night has to be given 2 hours after supper and cannot eat anything until a further hour has passed). When Bianca finished eating she told Sanna she wanted to keep the unpopped kernels because she would like to plant it so that she could have a Popcorn Tree and that way she could pick popcorn whenever she felt like it.

Terence and I went to see Presenting the Tinkles at the Bats Theatre in Wellington. It was really good and quite funny. If you are in the Wellington area, you have to go and see it.

Yesterday morning Bianca was a bit sad and cried for every second thing and it didn't help that I was up with Caitlyn 3 times in the night. In the morning Terence and Bianca went to the Botanical Gardens to the Grand Fairy Ball. Bianca didn't really dress up, but was wearing some fairy wings and wore a princess crown. It was quite busy and thank goodness it was outside because Bianca could run around and play a bit too.

And then when it was time for Cailtyn's afternoon nap, she just screamed and screamed and we sort of wondered if she was in pain anywhere, but at the end of it decided that it was probably just a temper tantrum because she did not feel like sleeping. My nearly 1 year old is growing up... :-).

This morning Terence and Bianca took the train to Paraparaumu which is approximately 30 minutes away from us. Terence thought it would be nice for Bianca to take the train again (it's been such a very long time since she set foot on a train). They got there just before the shopping centre opened so it was really really quiet. They saw Alvin and the Chipmunks and inside the movies it was just them and two other kids. So it ended up being a nice outing with little risk of picking up some or the other bug.

Medicines today:
  • Mercaptopurine - 1 tablet a night

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