The first day of a new year

We didn't do much today. Just pretty much relaxed at home. I could think of a million things that needed to be done, but decided to just take it easy today. We decided to put up the inflatable swimming pool that Terence's sister gave us a few years ago. It was a nice sunny day today and so Terence got it all blown up with an air pump and then Bianca helped to carry it outside. Then it was Bianca's special job to put some water in it. We only put a little bit of water inside so that it would not be too deep for Caitlyn. And then the girls had some fun. Caitlyn was really excited, but soon the excitement became a bit much and she decided she had enough.

Bianca has quite a few bruises on her legs and arms and I suspect we will be getting at least Platelets on Thursday. Not really in the mood, but it has to be done. With any luck her counts would have gone up, but it doesn't look very likely at this stage. So we will just see.

Tonight it felt almost strange not having to give the oral chemo. It was our last dose for this phase last night and now we are waiting for them to give us the go-ahead for Maintenance. So no limitations, no waiting 2 hours after supper. Of course we still had some other medicines to give, but we just give those with her food.

Speaking of food, thought I'd share this photo of Caitlyn with you that we took just after her lunch. Anybody for a full body hug? :-).

Here are some photos from the beach the other day:

Medicines today:
  • Fluconozole - 10 ml at night
  • Co-trimoxazole - 6.25 ml twice a day


lindai said...

oh gosh... reading you sometimes forget someone is on the other side of the world from you. I am looking out my window and it is white and freezing! brrr. I cannot wait to smell the swimming weather! I am feeling blessed. Tristan will be doing his bulk of treatment during these cold icky months. So we can celebrate the beautiful weather with Tristan feeling well also.

Your girls are sooo cute! I love their swimming suits.

I am glad to hear Bianca is finished with her intense treatment! I cannot wait to hear you posting about her feeling sick is a distant memory!

downeyseven said...

How great it is to begin reading the story of new friend, Bianca and her family. What a great idea for the beaded necklace of her procedures! Chloe will figure this out and do it too. Thanks! We will read and keep up and pray for you all.

Lea White said...

Hello downeyseven,

Thank you for stopping by.

Tried to find your blog / journal, but wasn't successful. Are you able to let me have the address. Would love to follow your journey.

The beaded necklace is part of the beads of courage programme and for every procedure they give a bead. So for day of chemo Bianca gets a white one, every time they access her port or she gets an injection it is a black one, a hospital stay is yellow unless if it is isolation then it is lime green. Tests are light green and so on. It is a great programme!

Keep strong. The journey is hard and challenging, but we found that if we just take one day at a time it becomes manageable.

I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts. Please let me have your blog / journal address.