Counts are climbing

Went to the hospital this morning to get a blood test done. They accessed Bianca's port and took a cross-match sample of blood just in case she would have needed any further blood product transfusions. So then we needed to wait. Bianca was so very brave and not even a single tear when they access and de-accessed her port.

Bianca's counts are busy coming up! Haemoglobin sitting at 114, platelets sitting at 68, white Cells sitting at 2.68 and neutrophils sitting at 1.35. So I think we are nearly at Maintenance. I think the neutrophils might be high enough, but I am not sure about the Platelets. But either way Platelets up from 40 so we didn't need any transfusions.

So now we are waiting to hear when we have our next appointment and when Maintenance might start.

Medicines today:
  • Co-trimoxazole (6.25ml twice a day)
  • Fluconozole - 10 ml at night

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Angus said...

I know it always seems a good sign when counts are on the up but, as it was pointed to me by our consultant, if they stay up it's a bad sign as it indicates the chemo isn't working (the chemo kills the good as well as the bad) - a good response is a kind of sine wave.

Platelet levels for Kezia being on oral MTX are 75. However, as your protocol is different...