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I've had a couple of people saying they don't know how to leave a comment. Basically if you click on "comments" at the bottom of each post it will take you to a screen with an empty block on the right hand side. You will then be able to type your message. If you are not registered as a blogger, then you can select "anonymous" (remember to put your name in your comment). You will be expected to type some letters and you have to type it the way they appear. This is just so that the computer knows you are a real person and it is not some automatic spam situation. And then it will appear immediately once you post your comment.

Of course you don't have to leave a comment, but we do enjoy reading your comments. And it does let us know that we have your support and that we are not alone.

If you leave a comment and you have your own blog or journal and you don't mind sharing the address, then we would love it if you could put this in your comment. I really enjoy following all the different stories.

You will also note that I put some new links on the right hand side - all about blood and bone marrow donor information. Bianca has had 23 blood product transfusions in the past 6 months (red blood cells and platelets). If you are interested in becoming a donor, then please find out about it and maybe just maybe you might help Bianca and definitely other people like Bianca.

I have also moved all the newspaper links and you are now able to click on a single link (see title "In the news") and it will take you to where I keep record of all relevant newspaper articles that I find and have found.

Do keep well and thank you so much for all the support! We really appreciate it and without your support, this battle would have been so very hard!

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