Bianca's smile in the paper!!!

Remember when I recently wrote how Bianca had the chance to sign a car at Hyundai as part of the Child Cancer Foundation Annual Appeal? Well, today we saw that Bianca and some of the other kids made the newspaper! Please click here for the link to the article.

I just love the photo they took of Bianca and so we'll be keeping this newspaper article with all the others in Bianca's memory box.

This week is the Annual Appeal week. CCF desperately need all the funds they can get - they don't get any government funding and they don't share in the money raised with the other cancer societies. So please see if you are able to get involved. Not only are they looking for donations, but they are also looking for volunteers. You can read all about the Annual Appeal here.


Anonymous said...

I loved the picture.

Anonymous said...

What a great picture of all the children and Bianca does look beautiful with that smile. I just received Bianca's email. Loved hearing from her.
Rosemary NY

Anonymous said...

What a great article and a beautiful photo of Bianca. That will be a really special article to keep forever.
I hope your week keeps going well. We are off to clinic soon.
Take care,

Amanda said...

She's beautiful Lea!