Just what we needed at the start of our weekend (NOT!)

Sorry for all the updates tonight - 3 in total (so scroll down and read the others too).


It is Friday late afternoon, the start of our weekend and Terence got a call from daycare.

So when Terence phoned I was right in the middle of a conversation with the one manager at my work and suddenly my phone went "Mommy, the phone is ringing!" So of course the manager wanted to know what that was and I had to explain it was my ringtone. (when I got my phone I thought it would be cool to get Bianca to say "Mommy the phone is ringing!" and saved it as my ringtone and as my alarm I have Bianca's voice saying "get up lazy bones!").

I asked Terence to call back in 5 minutes and he said "no I have to talk to you now" and it sounded so serious I just knew something was wrong. He then explained that Caitlyn was on the slide, she bumped her chin, bit her lip and it was bleeding like crazy and not really stopping and so he was going to take her to A&E. My poor little girl! And she absolutely hates doctors and freaks out at the mere sight of them.

So there Terence was, in the middle of cooking supper (which he had to switch off), an hour before an agent was due to arrive with potential new tenants (I'm so glad the house was still in a fairly neat condition) and on his way to take Caitlyn to an A&E near us, lucky by that time the bleeding had stopped. And thankfully it didn't take too long and by the time I got home (my friend Irene kindly dropped me off) they were back at home and Terence was about to give them supper. Caitlyn now has this swollen upper lip, but thankfully not stitches or anything.

Unfortunately with these adventures it meant that Bianca got her supper later than usual tonight and then still had to wait 2 hours after that before she could get her chemo which meant it turned out a late night for her. Thank goodness it is Friday and so if she sleeps later tomorrow it will be fine.


Anonymous said...

Ag shame man! hoop sy word gou gesond!Marna

Anonymous said...

Oh, poor Caitlyn. Give her a big hug from me. Glad you´re doing so well at your job!! Hope you´re having a nice weekend.


superrelish said...

Ouch. Hopefully your weekend will be fun and safe. At least Caitlin looks happy now.

Anonymous said...

Ouch!!!!! I hope your weekend got a bit better!

Anonymous said...

That lip! And yet she doesn't look bothered at all. Glad it is better!