Hot pools - just what we needed!

On Saturday we went to the Parakai Hot Pools. We got the chance to catch up with some of the Child Cancer Foundation people and other families and it was such a nice relaxing day for us - just what we needed. Bianca had the best time ever going down the water slides with Terence, Caitlyn loved walking around the shallow pool and kept wanting to walk to the deeper side insisting that she could "walk self" and then getting really cross with me for steering her back to the shallow side.

My favourite part was the hot indoor pool at 39 degrees (now that's my kind of pool!!!)

And finally when it was time to go home, both kids fell fast asleep in the car. We all had so much fun!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, now that sounds like the kind of weekend I need!

Annie - Steven's mom said...

Oh what totally beautiful children! Those smiles - and that photo of Bianca in her pink hat looking directly at the camera - one can almost see her when she is going to be 23! Beautiful :)
love and light