Logic of a 5 year old

Bianca (pointing to a spot on her leg): It is itchy there after I already put stuff on it.
Me: Just ignore it and it will stop itching soon.
Bianca: IGNORE?!! But it's not a person!

One of Bianca's favourite Christmas presents was a beginner's knitting kit that my mom gave her. When she opened it, her face lit up, she wanted to learn how to knit immediately. She asked me if she could knit herself a jacket and I gently convinced her that perhaps a scarf might be a bit easier to start with (I mean I can't even knit a jacket). And so every so often we give it a go, but it is hard for little 5-and-a-half-year-old fingers to hold 2 knitting needles, move the one in her right hand, lift the wool at the right time and then pull it through without ripping all the other stitches off the needle. And yes, I guess it can get quite tiring, but it doesn't stop her being interested and so tonight when I came home from work, she grabbed her wool and knitting needles (with the previous little bit that we started) and she asked if we could do some knitting together. So then after I was done with Caitlyn, I came down the stairs and she held the piece of knitting in one hand and I noticed that she either broke the piece of wool or cut it and she held out a little piece of selotape and said "please fix it Mommy". And all I could do was to smile and say that it would be best just to start over again.

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