A visit to the circus, bicycle rides and a visit to a magical fairy garden

Thankfully Caitlyn was just fine and by Saturday morning the swelling disappeared, I'm so glad - let me tell you!

This past weekend we visited a potential party venue and it looks really beautiful. Bianca is in her absolute element and she has already decided that that's where she wants to have her 6th party in June, and so we are keeping this venue in the back of our minds. It does look so magical and tranquil almost. So we'll see. One thing is for certain we most definitely won't have space in our new house and we can't have an outside venue (because it will be winter and with our luck raining on the day) and this venue will have space (nice indoor and nice outdoor), entertainment and of course all the mess will be theirs - perfect!!!

If we choose this venue, we won't take Caitlyn because it isn't really suitable for her, but we'll have another little party at home where she can be part of it all.

Terence also took the girls to ride their bike and they had the best time ever. Bianca is actually a bit too big for her bike and so we'll need to try and organise a bigger one maybe for Christmas (or perhaps her birthday?). She loves riding her bike and with us moving closer to school, there might just be a chance for her to cycle to school (with me tagging along of course as she won't be allowed to cycle all by herself just yet).

And then Bianca and Terence went to see a circus show and Bianca loved it so much. And when she came back she told me "when I grow up I want to be an acrobat". She was so fascinated by the clown who tried to steal her ice cream, and she was quite disappointed that there was no lion tamer. We warned her that there would be no animals and afterwards she said "this wasn't a real circus, a real circus has animals". But despite the lack of animals, she thoroughly enjoyed herself. Sorry for the blurry photo, but it does give you an idea of just what Bianca thought (and don't you think the dress is so beautiful? My mom made Bianca the most beautiful dress, hat (which Bianca wasn't wearing on the day) and a really cool handbag for Bianca's pocket money. Since getting the dress, Bianca decided it is her favourite!)

And on a final note in this post - this afternoon Terence went to donate plasma again. So if you ever want to do something great for brave kids like Bianca, please consider donating blood, plasma and / or platelets. To date Bianca has had more than 30 blood product transfusions and there are so many other people who need blood products to survive!


Amanda said...

That venu looks so magical! I would have loved to have a party there!

Anonymous said...

I have to say it again: Your girls are too beautiful for words!

How does Caitlyn handle Bianca's treatment? Does she realise that you don't have a "normal" home life and that other families don't spend this much time in hospital? I've been wondering about Carien lately.