I really wish I could help

Tonight I caught up on Alma and David and I just feel so incredibly sad for them. Their journey is so tough and so challenging. One of the things that David has on his "to-do" list is to have a family holiday in Australia - I wish I was able to help them make this happen as Alma simply cannot afford to pay for such a holiday at this point in time.

Please keep them in your prayers and thoughts and you can read their updates here.


Anonymous said...

There is so much sadness in the world, I have to work hard at not being overwhelmed by it sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lea

Thank you for the e-mail that you sent to Sally.As I sat here last night reading,my eyes filled with happy tears.I tried to type but found myself unable to keep my emotion's under control.Still trying to keep things together all I can say at the moment is thank you and Del King for your kind golden hearts.I will e-mail Sally to pass on my details to you and Del. Hi Bianca,Terrence and of cause Catlin
sending hugs from Wellington Alma.
PS. Bianca I loved to give you my hair at the Funrazor 09 to make you a wig and you can dye it any colour you want.My hair is yours for the taking if you want.

Dear Del

I tried to e-mail you today but my computer is having a melt down and i'm slowly slipping into one as well.When we do make it to Aussie I would like to contact you as my brother,sister-inlaw and there 2 boys leave in Melbourne.
Being a complete stranger makes all the differents because it's strangers that make things happen in my eyes know matter how big or small the offer is it makes a big difference.I would love to meet you and family.As I said to Lea you have a golden heart to offer your home to complete strangers.

Cheers Alma