High quality

Bianca is losing hair again.

Terence said this morning when he dropped Bianca off at school he noticed quite a bit of hair on her school shirt, and when he patted her head he had some hair stuck on his hand. I felt pretty disappointed this morning when Terence sent me a text to let me know. Not too long ago she also lost some hair and her hair ended up quite thin, you could actually see her scalp through her hair at the time, but lately it felt as if finally her hair was starting to grow a bit thicker so that finally she will be able to grow the ponytails she wants so much.

This afternoon after I got Bianca from school, we sat on the couch and at one point she lay with her head on my lap and when she sat up, I noticed some of her hair on my pants. I can't wait for the day we won't need Vincristine again. I'm confident that is the drug that is causing Bianca's hair loss. And it feels a bit disappointing because I know so many other children who are not as far along on their maintenance phase as Bianca, and their hair is so much longer and thicker.

But anyway, it is just part of our journey. And I guess it does bother us a bit more than it bothers Bianca so at least that is a comforting thought!

This afternoon Bianca asked me what "high quality" means and I told her it means something like "very good". She thought for a little bit and then said "Mommy, you are high quality". She then went on to ask me if one day she will be able to learn how to drive a car and I told her "yes, but it will take a very long time before you will start learning to drive" and she then said "you will have to make one of those signs with the "L" on it and put it in the window because I will be learning to drive".


Anonymous said...

Lea, I love this post, its touching, I love how her innosence allows her to see past her battle with cancer and look to the future. I guess I could take a lesson from her, if I could get over my own self indulgent self pity.

Michelle said...

Lea, I have just had a very entertaining 20 minutes catching up with your Blog...You write very well and I love the fact that I can always hear a positive tone!
It is very sad that Bianca's hair is struggling to stay put... all I can say is she looks gorgeous and it's good that she isn't upset about it.
The Wiggles looked like good fun, Harvey always loved them, Mia is not a fan she would love to see Barney (affectionately called the awful purple dinosaur in our house!).
Love to you all XXXXX

Anonymous said...

I saw on your other post, you were wondering about the ages of the wiggles. They are 30, 45, 55, and 48.

Amanda said...

I agree with Bianca, you are a "High quality mommy", and I'm sad to read her hair is falling out. She is such an amazing little girl. I've told my whole family about her, I always give them the updates I read on your blog.