A play date

Recently Bianca had a play date with one of her best friends, Saana. They were together pretty much from the start - first in Year zero and now in Year 1. I remember right in the beginning I would ask Bianca who she played with at school and she would say "Saana". Of course over time Bianca became friends with a whole bunch of other children and it is so cool to see her so happy, settled at school and enjoying time with her friends. And in fact Bianca and Saana are working together in class on some of their work.

Saana's mom kindly gave us permission to put a photo of the girls playing and to share with you what they said. It is so cute and you will need sound.

And they had this to say (click here).


Anonymous said...

Great work girls. I LOVE the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, although it was the cause of me not eating turkish delight until I was about 15 because I was afraid of the witch!

Terence White said...

Lea loves Turkish Delight too, and everytime we go past it in the shops I turn to her and say in an evil voice "Would you like some Turkish Delight, Edmond?"