Wiggly Good Time

On Sunday we had the chance to attend The Wiggles Show at the Vector Arena in Auckland thanks to the Child Cancer Foundation.

Bianca discovered The Wiggles a couple of years ago and she quite enjoys their shows, but has only ever seen them on DVD and to see them in real life - wow, that was pretty good. Bianca knew a number of their songs and she had the best time ever clapping and moving along to their songs.

Terence and I were both amazed how fit and flexible these guys are (and 3 of them must be in their mid- to late 40s).

The kids each had an ice cream as a special treat and Caitlyn especially enjoyed her ice cream (anybody for a kiss?).

At times Caitlyn was a bit interested, but did lose interest after a while and started acting up (being a typical 2 year old) and I guess sitting still and behaving well for an hour and a half must be quite tough for a 2 year old.

Afterwards Bianca told us that Dorothy the Dinosaur wasn't real "it was just somebody who painted their legs green" (I guess she noticed in the one act when the leg part of the costume lifted up a little bit and I guess it comes with the territory of being almost 6 years old...

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Anonymous said...

Judging from the amount of ice cream on Caitlyn's face, I'd say she enjoyed the ice cream way more than the show!