Why, Charlie Brown, why?

It was really just by accident that Terence recently found some info on an old Charlie Brown cartoon and he sort of indicated to me that I needed to look at it and see what it was all about. And as it often goes, you sort of shift these things to the back of your mind. And so when I sat on the weekend looking at some YouTube clips, I stumbled across it and so spent some time watching it. At times I felt sad with the characters, at times I smiled and lots of times I felt myself nodding my head.

It is all about a little girl who was diagnosed with leukemia, it explains in a very simplified way about the symptoms, about the treatment, about how it can affect close friends, siblings and how mean some people can be (most likely because they probably don't understand). It is really well done and I'll be showing this to Bianca when I get a chance (probably once we've put the move behind us) and see what she thinks of it, and I've now bookmarked it because it is such a cool way to give people a glimpse about a life with leukemia.

Please do watch these clips (they are in 3 parts) - you will need sound for it:

Why Charlie Brown, why? (Part 1)
Why Charlie Brown, why? (Part 2)
Why Charlie Brown, why? (Part 3)

So let me know what you think...


Anonymous said...

Great video's!
And FYI - how can somebody be cruel about a child that has cancer? Even if they don't fully understand???

Allison said...

The child life specialist showed this Charlie Brown to my son right after he was diagnosed (ALL at age 3) and he loved it so much that we watched it over and over again. No one was ever mean to him, but he would have been prepared! We liked it, but not as much as my son.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was so sad. Especially when that boy was mean to Janice at school. It would be a good video to show kids.
I'm glad that Caitlin's lip is okay now.
Have a great week,

Michelle said...

I loved it!!! Well found XX I think Harvey (7) Mia's big brother would really like this and can't wait to show him, it is very well done and has tackled a little bit of everything! Thanks Guys XXX Thinking of you XXX