Do you believe in miracles?

Not too long ago I started following the blog of another little boy. This little boy was diagnosed with cancer the day before Christmas (his mom's birthday is also on Christmas day) and at first they thought it was neuroblastoma and then changed the diagnosis to rhabdomyosarcoma. At first he had a big tumour behind his liver, then they noticed one on his heart (which you can't operate on or radiate) and then also some tumors in his lungs. And so he started his treatment which is way more intense than Bianca has ever had and he continued surprising the doctors because when they predicted he would be too sick to do things, he simply continued living, doing things little boys do, playing, having fun. He had times when he wasn't feeling very well, but he often surprised the doctors. There was even one point where he wasn't in isolation because his counts were good and when they checked his counts, they noticed it dipped so low and without warning that according to the text books, he should have had an infection and should have been admitted to hospital, but nothing. He didn't get sick and wasn't admitted to hospital at the time.

Today they had their scans in preparation for his upcoming planned surgery (providing the tumour became small enough) and radiation and this is what his mom wrote in her latest update:

"What a mighty God we serve! How gracious, wonderful, caring and omnipotent is He! Woutertjie’s scans are clean. They can’t find any sign of any tumour. It is as if the cancer wasn’t there at all. I will go into all the details tomorrow. For now I need to get to bed."

So here is this little boy who had something like a 30% chance of survival, who was at something like a stage 4, whose cancer spread to his lungs and his heart and today not a single sign of cancer. I'm am so incredibly, incredibly happy for them that their scan showed such good results!


Anonymous said...

I am also following their blog, and what a miracle, and all the thanx to Jesus our Lord and Saviour. Amen. Wonderwerke gebeur ons sien dit net nie altyd raak nie.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

WOW that's awesome!!!! Praise God!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to say something but I still don't have words. God is so good to us.

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Felicity said...

Hi there, Isn't prayer a wonderful thing - on tap, just right and no need to cellphones and the like to ask our Heavenly Father for healing. Just so precious!!! Lots of love

Amanda said...

Awesome! Just awesome!