And Caitlyn is off!

Now that Caitlyn is quite good at dragging herself along the carpet, she has now also learned that she can move onto her tummy from a sitting position.

She also discovered that there are other rooms in the house and not just the playroom. So she loves to make her way from the playroom to the lounge (it is right next to the playroom) and the kitchen which is part of the open plan lounge / dining room area.

She also discovered the corridor yesterday and I had to close all the doors so that she wouldn't be able to go into one of the bedrooms. So now we pretty much spend our day getting her and bringing her back to the playroom.

She really loves eating her solids. We are meant to give her oranges and stuff like this so that she can have vitamin C with her meals to help her absorb iron. She does not like oranges and you should see her pull her face. She does seem to like strawberries and doesn't mind nectarines too much. She loves banana. So now we give her a fruit flavoured baby solid food that has vitamin C listed, and at the same time also give her a meat-based one and then we cut up little pieces of fruit for her to "play" with and put in her mouth. Of course most of it ends up on the floor, but she has fun anyway.