Swedish baking and writing

Yesterday Sanna baked some Swedish Cinnamon Buns. It was quite a process and seemed like a bit of hard work. It is like making bread dough that then has to stand and rise. She then rolled it out, spread it with a butter / sugar mixture, then spread cinnamon over it. She folded it and then cut it and made it into the relevant shapes. She put it on the baking tray and sprinkled sugar crystals over it, and let it stand once more to rise. Then she baked it. It tasted quite nice. She said they came out a bit too big, but they looked just fine to me.

Bianca has been practicing writing all sorts of letters. They are mostly capital letters, but she will write a set, then she will write the same letters, but in a different order and ask what it says. Sanna has been pointing out which of those word groupings in each set might make a Swedish word and what it means. So Bianca is quite proud that she is able to write "Swedish Words" and I can't do it. :-).