We have a whole article in the newspaper

On Thursday I told you that I was asked some questions by The Dominion Post and we had a photo shoot. Well, click here for the article. We have been lucky so far that we have not had to move to Auckland or Christchurch, but now we are not 100% sure if that will change or not with Dr Anne's resignation early next year.

In the beginning we had a very very long hospital stay - one admission was 34 consecutive nights in hospital, with most being in isolation and during that time Bianca couldn't come home because she needed to be on oxygen a lot of the time. She even had a bronchospasm and that was a real big worry for us. This was all because of a viral infection that we just could not get rid of.

So for us if Bianca needed longer periods of treatment elsewhere we would have to consider moving as a family - I just would not be able to separate Bianca from her dad and baby sister. The problem is that Christchurch and Auckland are not day-trips, they are too far away from us and the cost of travel and accommodation would only be covered for Bianca and one caregiver, so if the family wants to get together, then it means extra cost.

Even when Bianca stayed in hospital in isolation before, it made the world of difference to Bianca just being able to see her mom, dad and baby sister on a regular basis. She was happy to have only one of us staying with her, but we were still able to let her be involved with Caitlyn to some extend (i.e. helping with feeding) and that brought some sense of normality. During that time we managed to get maybe 2 visits home in between anti-biotics so being close to home meant she was able to "visit" home before she had to be back at the hospital to stay.

I have such great respect for people (and my heart goes out to them) who are already in the position where the child and one caregiver have to be in Christchurch or Auckland and the rest of the family stay behind in Wellington. I would have found it so hard if I did not have a break every so often from those hospital walls and Terence was able to help out with Caitlyn so that really made a huge difference otherwise I think I would have gone crazy.

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