Bianca the big sister

Yesterday afternoon Caitlyn was a bit difficult. She didn't want to sleep at all and Sanna tried for nearly an hour. I was out at the time. So when I came back, Sanna was in the room with Caitlyn and Bianca came out of the room telling me that Caitlyn didn't want to sleep. Sanna mentioned that Bianca at some point said to Caitlyn "Caitlyn, go get some new friends!".

This morning I woke up. Not to the sound of birds chirping or the wind blowing or the rain against the windows. It was quiet outside (except for the faint sounds of the builders hammering their way to a new completed house). I woke up to Bianca’s voice in Caitlyn’s room, which is just opposite from our room. “Caitlyn, Caitlyn, your big sister is here”. I asked Bianca afterwards and she said that Caitlyn was already awake, but looking away (I think Caitlyn was woken up by Bianca). It doesn’t really matter because it was the usual time that Caitlyn would have woken up anyway. So I stayed in bed listening to the two of them chatting away.

It sounded as if Bianca passed something to Caitlyn and then said “Ta” to get it back. Bianca then said, “no, not your hand, the book”. Then Bianca said “ta” again and then a bit louder “TA!”. Finally it sounded as if Bianca offered Caitlyn something else and she managed to get the book from Caitlyn. Bianca then read Caitlyn a story “Mrs Wishy Washy”. I was amazed how she read it correctly, but I suspect it was recited from memory rather than actual reading, although there are several words that Bianca is able to recognise when we read stories.

At one point Caitlyn cried a little and Bianca said “It’s okay Caitlyn, your big sister’s here, it’s okay”.

Then shortly after that Bianca “woke me up” to let me know that Caitlyn had a dirty nappy and that I should change it. And that was the end of my lie-in.

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