A little bit about Kyah

In the beginning when we were in hospital we met another couple (Shanell and Jason) and their little girl Kyah. Kyah is such a cute, gorgeous little girl. Soon after, they were given really really short notice to move to the Christchurch hospital, so they were still coming to terms with the news and "bang" next big "surprise" - they couldn't help them at Wellington. So basically Shanell and Kyah spend their time in Christchurch and Dad and the two boys stay in Wellington. I think that must be so incredibly tough. When Kyah is well enough to stay outside the hospital, they often still can't come to Wellington, but then stay at the Ronald McDonald house in Christchurch.

Their situation is much more tricky and difficult than ours. Kyah has neuroblastoma. As far as I know it is stage 4. Right now they are going into the next phase which is surgery. Please will you keep them in your prayers and thoughts!

Kyah already has more than 430 beads (remember that it is one bead for everything that happens) - we have 331. So in comparison, we have it so much easier than them and their treatment is so much more intensive than ours.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! What a gorgeous photo of you and Bianca in the Dom Post today. It was sad to read the article though - we underestimated the amount of families that would be impacted by Anne's resignation. It was more an assumption that only newly diagnosed children would be affected. I am sending my most positive thoughts your way and while Christchurch is such a beautiful city, I don't want you there unless it's your choice for a holiday destination! Let's hope that this black cloud of uncertainty clears soon and you can go back to focussing solely on Bianca's treatment.

Shanell and Kyah xx