Caitlyn is nearly 8 months old

Today Chelsea came to play with Bianca. Bainca enjoyed it and the girls had lots of fun. Bianca is missing her dad quite a bit, but she received 2 postcards he sent all the way from Australia. The one had 2 Koalas and the other some Kangaroos. Terence will be back on Sunday afternoon.

Today I had to tie up a little bit of Caitlyn's hair as her fringe is hanging in her eyes. I don't really want to cut her hair just yet. Caitlyn is 8 months old on Monday. I cannot believe it, time really just went by so quickly. She is in a very good routine at the moment and the past 3 nights slept through completely. This morning she woke up at 6:30 and muttered to herself until 7:30 when she "called" me. I hope it lasts... :-).

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Sharon said...

Caitlyn is absolutely gorgeous!!!