Bianca admitted into hospital again

So once again, I am reminded that we just should not get comfortable. The whole day Bianca was pretty grumpy and wasn't interested in food. So this afternoon at 17:00 Bianca felt quite hot and I took her temperature. Sitting somewhere between 38.2 and 38.6. Waited 10 minutes, took another reading, still the same. So I phoned Terence (he was still in the city) and then I phoned the hospital to let them know that we were going to bring Bianca in.

When we got there, it was a bit cold and windy outside so when they took her temperature it sat at 36 - 37 degrees, but 15 minutes later shifted up to 38 degrees again.

So there we sat, they first had to put the line into her port. She doesn't like this bit at all and usually cries for a little bit. It isn't sore because we put Emla cream on and that numbs the skin, but because Bianca doesn't like the thought of it. However it is really easy to distract her and then it is all forgotten. They drew a blood sample and then sent it off to be tested.

Bianca watched Dora the Explorer while we waited.

Eventually they said we would have to be admitted - Bianca has some kind of infection. We don't yet know what, but she had to go for an X-Ray tonight. So now we are in room 12. Terence will now once again spend the evenings at hospital and then during the day I will be there. Thank goodness for Sanna, she looked after Caitlyn tonight and this means I don't have to take her to the hospital with me every day. Thank goodness. Now that she is mobile, I just don't think she would enjoy being strapped into the pram or stuck on a boring bed.

So here we go again, I just hope the stay will be short. I'm just so glad we can still be treated in Wellington and that I don't have to go through this all by myself.


Anonymous said...

Hello lea
I don't consider Your situation as pretty easy. You're fighting för biancas life and You're fighting for Your family.
When a child gets sick with such a severe illness as cancer your whole life turns up side down.
What was normal yesterday is totally changed today and you're not the one making the roles.
Say hello to Bianca and Caitlin.

"JAY" said...

G'day it's JAY from Australia. Just checking in to see how you are.
I hope things get better real soon and the infection goes away soon, I hope it is not an infection in the PORT - I had that happen to me and had to have the port removed and replaced.
I check on you all the time and I thank you for coming to visit me too.
I send you lots of my strength-courage-determination-hope and inspiration for you to get better and have lots of fun like all kids should be able to do.
Stay strong and positive always and Never Give up - Giving up is NOT an option.
Lots of koala hugs to you from your Aussie Neuroblastoma Mate:

JAY (Neuroblastoma Survivor)
My Site: www.jaysjourney.org


Anonymous said...

The White family are in our thoughts.

Ilse Hartwig said...

Hi Lea

Bianca is in ons gebede daagliks, sterkte, hou moed en glo God is in beheer.

Baie Liefde