Caitlyn doing really well

On Wednesday morning I had to take Caitlyn for her Plunket visit. This is where they weigh the baby, look at physical development, discuss feeding and so on. Caitlyn is doing really well. She weighs 9.65 kg and her length is 74cm. The lady at Plunket was really surprised to see how well Caitlyn is able to sit. She says that a lot of 7 month old babies don't sit as well. It was nothing funny to us because Bianca sat properly at 6 months so to us this felt normal. But then I guess with the amount of tummy time Caitlyn gets, it really helped her develop those back muscles.

Caitlyn has become pretty quick, still just dragging herself along the carpet. From time to time she would actually get up on her knees and hands rocking forwards and backwards and you can see she is trying to work out what to do next. So now anything accidentally left on the carpet becomes a magnet - the remote, the packet of wet wipes, a glass and so on. So now the running around starts...