A collection of beads!

Yesterday Bianca had to go to hospital for a finger prick. It was just a short visit and then she came home.

Today, we had to go to hospital for treatment and it was a theatre day. The day was a bit of a long day, but only because we had to be on the ward at 10:30. We also got our first set of beads today. There is a reward programme called "Beads of Courage". Basically for every procedure that Bianca undergoes she earns a bead. This is a visual representation of her experience and will allow her to be able to look back and feel proud of what she has achieved.

To date, since she was diagnosed 4 months ago, Bianca has earned 327 beads up to today. I did not have my updated list with me, so Bianca received 308 beads today. She also received beads that spell out her name as well as a bead for her birthday as she was in hospital on her birthday. She also received 3 milestone beads - each one for reaching 100 beads.

So basically there are black ones with silver stripes for each time there was an injection, blood draws, and so on. White ones for each day of chemo (excluding the ones Bianca gets every single night at home), red ones for every single blood product transfusion, yellow ones for being admitted into hospital and so on.

We will only be back at the hospital for blood tests on the 23rd of October.