Everything still fine.

We are still busy with the Standard Interim Maintenance Phase. This phase is 56 days long and we are currently sitting at day 43. Went to the hospital today for a blood test. It was quite a long wait and lucky her results were good enough so we didn't need any transfusions. Her neutrophils are busy coming down so we will need to be a bit more careful for the next little bit.

Providing her levels are high enough we will start the Delayed Intensification phase beginning November. This will also be 56 days long. This phase will be more intense and I am expecting Bianca to be neutropenic more often. I am dreading this phase because Bianca will most probably get 6 different injections into her leg (one a week). This is because she had a severe reaction to the last time she had a similar injection, so this time round a different type of the same medicine, but more injections. I am not looking forward to this. The only thing that we could possibly do is to put ice on her leg and to give her some paracetamol.

They were quite busy today, so I am not sure when they want us to go back for tests and they will phone us.

We now have 331 beads.

Bianca still has a bit of a runny nose, so I am just hoping that it doesn't develop into anything else. It is not yet a worry, but we know that things can change so very quickly.

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