A relaxing day

Monday was a public holiday - it was labour day. Terence did not have to go to work so we managed to spend the day together - all of us. Bianca was absolutely thrilled that her dad came back on Sunday and of course all the presents he brought, just made her day. The weather was really nice, so we decided to go to Lindale Farm which is at Paraparaumu - about 30 minutes drive from where we live.

It is a working farm that is also a tourist attraction so people can take a farm walk and feed all the various animals.

We saw the cutest little duckling and if we could take it home, well then we would.

There were also really cute little lambs.

Sanna has never been up close to some of the type of animals on the farm and she thoroughly enjoyed it. She tried to be brave and feed them by hand, but every so often they would make a sudden move or they would be a bit boisterous trying to get to the food, then she would get a bit of a fright. And of course we just laughed so much.

We also saw the farm show. Here they discuss the New Zealand wool industry and they also shear a sheep. And of course the best part is getting a hands on experience milking a cow and feeding a lamb.

Lunch was great and we also visited the various shops they have.

Sanna was looking for salty liquorice and we can't get this in the normal shops. She was looking for extra extra extra salty, but managed to find double salty. She said it was okay, but she will ask her mom to send her the real stuff. We tried a piece and man, it really hits you! I cannot say that I will ever get used to the taste.

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