A visit to the park

Yesterday Sanna took Bianca and Caitlyn to the park. The weather was really nice and so they ended up being the first people in the park. The other day when they also went to the park there was another little girl and this little girl had chocolate frogs. It is chocolate in the shape of a frog. Bianca then asked Sanna to ask the little girl if she could have some. So Sanna did and the little girl shared. Yesterday when Bianca and Sanna were in the park before all the people arrived, Bianca had some chocolate frogs. She turned to Sanna and asked "can we share some chocolate frogs with the other children"? Sanna mentioned that there were no people in the park. When eventually another little boy arrived at the park, Bianca insisted to walk over and share some chocolate frogs.

Yesterday evening Caitlyn was crawling down the corridor. Bianca was jumping around and being silly and Caitlyn laughed so much. I say thank goodness for big sisters!

Usually Caitlyn wakes up once a night. Usually because of a dirty nappy. Last night she slept through the night and started muttering at 6:10 and finally called me at 6:45. I am typing this really softly so that Caitlyn doesn't hear and then maybe just maybe she might sleep through again tonight. :-).

Bianca is still doing really well and enjoying staying at home. This phase was a pretty good phase and her levels were not too low. Next phase will probably be a little bit more tricky and she is more likely to become neutropenic. This is when her levels become too low and her body's ability to fight infection disappears. That is when we have to be especially careful around lots of other people and have to avoid shopping centres and things like that. For most of it we have to be careful anyway because things like chickenpox or measles are really bad for her and she can get those again and of course the problem with that is that people are infectious before showing symptoms.

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