Just a quick note on some of the changes on our blog:

Posting Comments
You now have the ability to post a comment on any specific entry. Not the old ones, but all the new ones. You will notice at the bottom of each post "comments". Click on this. Now type your comment in the available space. Select one of the three options. The best option is to choose "other" because then you can put your name in the required space. Don't worry where it is asking for a website. You will have to type the "funny" text the way it is i.e. in lowercase if that is the way it is on the screen. This is just to make sure that the comment is not automated spam. Then select publish comment.

We also have links towards the bottom right of our blog. This is where we will be putting relevant and interesting internet links. Feel free to suggest relevant and interesting links if you want to.


Shelley Smit said...

Hullo White Family,

Hope you are not too lonely with Terence away - always busy so that helps.

Just to let you know we think of you often in Dubai - hang in there - you are doing a great job.

Love from The Smit Family

Melissa said...
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