A little bit of a worry

So today Cailtyn had a bit of a tummy bug. Well, it looks suspiciously like a tummy bug with her throwing up her lunch and then all the way to the airport to get Terence. Sanna just changed as she wanted to go to the Botanical Gardens and I was busy putting Caitlyn's car seat back in the car and then put Caitlyn in her cot during that time. Sanna picked Caitlyn up because she was fussing and then without warning got sick all over Sanna and the carpet. Typical Murphy's Law - just as you are about to go out, then things happen. This evening she tolerated her milk bottles quite well so I'm hoping that was the end of it.

And then tonight at bedtime we noticed Bianca had a runny nose so now we will keep a very very close eye on her and check her temps regularly and hopefully this does not develop into an infection. An infection means staying at hospital for at least 2 days so they could check her blood to see if anything develops and then she will be on yet another antibiotic. Currently she is getting 2 as it is - fluconozole every night and then co-trimoxozole twice a day on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Bianca didn't need a blood test last week and only need to go this coming Tuesday, so I have no idea what her neutrophils are sitting at. But if all of a sudden they dropped really low, then Bianca might have picked up a bug or two. The last time they were really high, so whilst still relatively careful, we had a bit more freedom.

So I am hoping and praying really hard that Bianca does not get sick and we have to go to hospital. I really really am not in the mood!!!

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