The things the girls got up to

Caitlyn now has a tiny bit of a tooth coming out at the top. That makes 5 teeth. It also looks like there will be a second one coming out at top very very soon. She loves bouncing and would sit and bounce in her high chair or if I hold her "standing up" on my lap then she would bounce up and down.

It looks like Bianca's hair is busy growing back. It looks like it is very likely going to be blonde again. Bianca was hoping for dark and curly, but I think it will be blonde and not sure if it will be curly again or straight this time. I'm not sure if she will lose it again, so we will just have to see.

Sanna invented a game where every time we need to put Bianca's shoes on we have to pretend it is a glass slipper we found and the person it fits is the real princess. Today Bianca took Caitlyn's one rattle and came to me saying "I found this rattle on the stairs and if it likes you then you are the real baby" She put it against my arm and said "no, you are not the real baby". She then did the same with Sanna. Then she went to Caitlyn and did the same and then said "Yes, you are the real baby".


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