Canteen Appeal Week

It's Canteen Appeal week this week, so if you are looking for a worthwhile organisation to support, then go out and get a bandanna. Yesterday I bought some bandannas for us in support of Canteen. "Canteen is the New Zealand organisation supporting young people (between the ages of 13 and 24) living with cancer". Not only people who have cancer, but also their families who are walking the journey with them. If you scroll down this page, you will notice on the bottom right I have a section with internet links and you would be able to click on the link for Canteen.

Here are some photos of us wearing our bandannas. Terence also has a bandanna, but he is still in Melbourne and will be back on Sunday. Sanna chose the same design as the one I am wearing and she was the photographer. I will have to get a photo of her wearing hers...

The one I am wearing is one of two designs by Dan Carter and has his signature on it. It was quite a procedure to get the bandanna on Caitlyn's head, to stop her trying to pull it off and to look towards the camera all at once.


Sharon said...

About 3 weeks ago we had National Bandana Day here in South Africa. This day is in aid of children with Leukemia. We all wore our bandanas - Grampa, Aunty Sharon, Uncle David and Cousin Connor. We also had a tough time keeping the bandana on Connor's head but we did keep it there long enough for a photo.

Lea White said...

Saw the photo and it was really cool. Thank you for showing your support, we really appreciate it! Will add SA link to our blog.